It is clear enough that according to the Vision 1404, Iran would be positioned as the first rank in the region in Economy, Science & Technology. According to current situation a total increase of 300 Billion USD, would be required during the next 10 years, this is while if we consider the rate of GDP growth for our competitors like Turkey as zero.

The main resources for such growth in GDP would be only possible if the government can promote the rate of Foreign Direct investment as well as the export of Iranian products and services.
It is very clear that despite of development of the industries in Iran and availability of investment opportunities in Iran, but still there is a long road for reaching such goals.
Sanctions as one of the major reasons could minimize the growth of the country, but according to the recent challenges we can see promising future for our country.
We feel, despite of the government attempt in promoting the local opportunities for International community, the proper model of promotion has not been yet implemented in order to see the movement through the opportunities.
This is while there are several examples for FDI which can shows the happiness of the investors in their business, even if they are very calm and try not to declare their success in the investment which they have done.

SSPC, Investment Consulting Group Company (SSPC) established in 2007, with 2 local offices in the country with more than 25 multidisciplinary specialists and International partnership with Business consulting groups and consultants, in business consulting, market studies, engineering, finance, project management and economics.
With more than 290 production plant study and finance raising. for $9,000 million investment.
A member of association of banking and credit investment consultants (ABCIC) with grade A-1 in feasibility study as well as supervision in the following fields:
- Agriculture, Food and pharmaceuticals
- Chemicals and Petrochemicals
- Renewable energy
- Steel and relevant fabricated products
- Textile and Apparels
- Tourism
SSPC, ranked A-1 and as the board member of the Management consulting association and Banking & Credit Investment consultant’s center, provide exclusive services for local and International private and public organizations.

Our Mission: 

We at SSPC help our clients to improve their knowledge in order to achieve success towards their goals.
To solve the problems, providing the solutions and implementation of the strategies with innovative methods with the best local people inside the country & our worldwide network for public and private sectors in a confidential environment would be our core business.
Our Values:
• development of our country base on competitive advantages
• We respect our clients and their achievement to the goals would be our great value.
• Creation of Confidence for the clients
• Client Satisfaction is our mouth advertising
About Us:
• "S.S.P.C", has been established in 2007 to provide Business consultation services, Bankable Feasibility Study Reports, Banking Supervision and Project Control as well as Bank Service Management to Local and International investors.
• According to the results of the assessments made by the Iranian Banking and Credit Investment Consultant Center (BCICC), our company successfully achieved high-ranked for rendering banking and credit investment consulting services below:
• 1-Rank A-1 in the category of feasibility study, authorized to run activity in the projects with common and complicated and high technology without limitation of investment and in the projects that use state-of-the-art technology, up to 250 billion of investment per project.
• 2-Rank A-1 in the category of supervision, authorized to run activity in the projects with common and complicated and high technology without limitation of investment and in the projects that use state-of-the-art technology, up to 250 billion of investment per project.
• S.S.P.C helps clients to determine whether the investment projects with considering all aspects of risks are feasible or not.
• S.S.P.C's more than 20 professional and Academic employees are based in Tehran/Iran, and own two agents in Eastern Azerbaijan and Yazd provinces

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